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A laptop humming quietly
Its soft glow like purring
Pencils strewn around
Like by an invisible tidal wave

Bits an pieces of things
Broken earrings
Feathers and paper clips
Swept away hastily
To make room in the middle

A cup full of pens
And earbuds,
Perfume and scissors
Sharpies and scotch tape
A headband and a sharpener

A flashlight I never use
Pushpins and rubber bands 
That I should put away
A lone hand sanitizer
A small red lamp
A bigger white one overhead

Various electronics
Charging to one side
Looking like they're sleeping
Lighting up once in a while

Books I'm reading
Books I wish I was reading
A cutout cardboard Eiffel tower
A valentine's day snow globe
Scented candles I don't know where to put

Underneath it all, a shiny red table
Still looking new
Under its shield of plastic tablecloth
With black and white cow splotches

A desk.

I sit at my desk the whole time I'm home. A poem describing what's on my desk now.
Picture of the desk: [link]
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March 7, 2013
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